Sweet Cicely

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Subject: Sweet Cicely
From: Martin Witchard, mwitchar at metz.une.edu.au
Date: 16 Jan 1995 21:49:14 GMT
In article <3fepkq$sce at grivel.une.edu.au> Martin Witchard,
mwitchar at metz.une.edu.au writes:
>I am living in Australia and seeking Sweet Cicely plants/seedlings. This is
>a request, more an observation. I have asked at all the major and specialist
>nurseries I know and they have no source for this plant. And yet, opening most
>books dealing with herbs, Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) is mentioned. The
>climate I live in would be ideal for this plant. Is this herb more common
>outside Australia? Could people comment on this? 

I was under the impression that Sweet Cicely (with many species found in the
temperate Northern Hemisphere and one in South America ...several cultivated 
for root and foliage) was the genus Osmorhiza.  Although, Myrrhis, with three 
Asian species, is ALSO cultivated for root and foliage.  You might have better
luck seeking Osmorhiza...it is a widely consumed  Japanese food, and several
species are being grown for the eco-yuppie market here in the U.S.
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