cyanogenic glycosides

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> Hi
> I do not know if this is the right group but I am posting this question 
> for a friend.
> "I am currently looking into the detection of cyanogenic glycosides in 
> plants.  Does anyone have any info. on poisoning to animals or humans 
> from these compounds.  Any info., references, etc will be gratefully 
> appreciated."
> email: lcobbea at

Dear Lorraine,
I did an M.Phil. on cyanogenesis in tropical cereals a few years ago.I can
think of one really good source of info you should look at. It's a
monograph from a Ciba Symposium titled `Cyanide in Biology', or something
like that. It was published in 1988. Also, Eric Conn has done several
reviews (see `The Biochemistry of Plants'). As to detection methods, the
simplest is the picric acid method. I'll try to find some more references,
but any good analytical phytochemistry book should have it in.

Simon Penson
Plant Biology 
UC Berkeley.

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