Spider Plant Question!

askjd at orion.alaska.edu askjd at orion.alaska.edu
Wed Jan 18 23:38:59 EST 1995

Someone here posted a question about Spider Plants.  (I don't have that
person's name/address, and I apologize)
However, they said that only 6 months ago, their spider plant was a baby
and now it has like 20 leaves or something!!!  Amazing!

I got my baby spider plant (I have 2, one varigated, one not) from a co-
worker.  The non-varigated one has hardly grown at all ... only sprouting
one leaf since I got it.  The varigated one's leaves have grown in length
quite a bit, but it only has 7 leaves!  It used to have more, but so far
2 leaves have gone bad and I had to pull them off.
They got sort of brownish ... but they weren't hard (crispy) like I had
fertilized too much.  They just got very limp.  This started at the tip
of the leaf and moved inward.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?  I don't fertilize (partly because
I don't know which fertilizer to use), but I do use those little plant
spike things by Jobe (or whatever the name of that company is).  Am I
watering too much?  It is very dry here in Alaska (we have to oil our oak
furniture so it doesn't split about once a month), and so I probably 
water more than people do in a place where it is more humid.

I would really like to see my spider plants grow more leaves and get 
fuller!  Any help would be appreciated!  If you want to e-mail, please
don't reply to this post or I won't be able to read it (stupid Univeristy
computer system) ... please reply to  askjd at orion.alaska.edu   Thanks!
	Kerry Jane
	askjd at orion.alaska.edu

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