Cyperus diseases

Michael Adamson madamso2 at
Wed Jan 18 23:39:40 EST 1995

I am currently undertaking a PhD on the biocontrol of nutgrass (*Cyperus
rotundus*) with plant pathogens using an inundative approach. 
So far I have been relatively unsuccessful in finding many virulent
pathogens of this weed.  Therefore, if anyone comes across any
significant disease on this plant, I would be eternally grateful if they
could put a bit of fresh diseased material in a plastic bag and send it
to me express (I'll reimburse costs), or alternatively drop me a message
letting me know where I can find the diseased plants.  I'm also prepared
to purchase any isolates already taken from this species; *Cercospora nr.
caricis* in particular. 
Unfortunately, due to quarantine considerations, I can only deal with
Australian isolates.

Michael Adamson
Dept. of Botany
University of New England
Armidale, NSW

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