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April taylor april.taylor at on-ramp.ior.com
Wed Jan 18 16:40:55 EST 1995

> I recently moved to Phoenix, AZ, and I've got some beautiful roses grwoing in 
> front of my house that I have no idea how to care for.   I seem to have two 
> kinds planted, judging by the tags attached to them.  The first is a yellow 
> variety of "Everblooming Hybrid Tea Rose" with a number JAChy - P.P No. 6445.  
> The second is of a deep red color, and it too says "Everblooming Hybrid Tea 
> Rose".  The number on the red one is Jacared - P.P. No. 4139.
> Is there a FAQ about roses?
> Do these plants require fertilization? How much, and how often?
> Should I keep these roses pruned?
> They grow very rapidly...should I attach them to a trellis?
> Climate here in Phoenix is very temperate.  Averages about 60-70 during the 
> winter, so flowers would appear to grow year round.  Any special requirements?
> I am a complete novice to plant care.  Any help is appreciated!   Thanks
Did you get the e-mail message I sent Jan. 18? It was the first time
I used the newsgroup method and got "cannot locate host". 
aprilt at on-ramp.ior.com

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