MGB-1000 blow-out price! (metal halide)

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Jan 20 07:20:37 EST 1995

Jennifer Fruhbauer (fruhbaur at edu.uwm.csd.alpha1) wrote:
: In article <3fkdpf$l1k at> you wrote:
: : indoor growing.  These fixures are being offered at an EXTREMELY low 
: : price due over stocking because of a previous job. 

: blatant advertising...have the balls to list a price at least!

: i hope your account gets flooded

Be fair, Jennifer - people on this list _have_ been asking about
sources of metal halide lights: Responses from manufacturers/commercial
sources are usually 'tolerated' when in response to a genuine query
from the net.

This is very different to SPAMMING the net ...

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