How to get rid of whiteflies?

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Fri Jan 20 17:04:14 EST 1995

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>Subject: Re: How to get rid of whiteflies?
>Date: 19 Jan 1995 10:51:23 GMT

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>>We have a incredible whiteflies invasion in hour greenhouse and we are loosing
>a lot of transgenic tobacco and tomato .....
>>Anybody knows how to kill this terrible bug?
>Well, the best method is clearly biological control. 
>Especially if it is the whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum.
>Use the parasitic wasp Encarsia formosa, which will be know by any
>supplier of biological control agents.

how do you know it is the best method?

how do you keep the wasps where you want them?

any ento research that corolates needed infestation levels to support the 

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