Human/Plant Relationships

Peter W Burkhardt pburk at
Fri Jan 20 23:39:45 EST 1995

Carol M Lively (clively at wrote:
: Hope I'm not posting to the wrong group.  If this is a "serious, really
: and truly scientific kind of group, just tell me, and I will resume my
: lurking.  

: I just suggested a couple of books to someone looking for information on
: EMF on plants and other biological systems,  ("Cross Currents by Robert
: Becker, and "The Secret Life of Plants" and "Secrets of the Soil" by
: Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird), and I was just wondering if anybody
: else had read them, and if so, what do they think about them?  

: Perhaps I'm a "lunatic on the fringe", but I really liked those books,
: and have always wanted to discuss them with someone, but have never met
: anyone else who has read them.

: Sincerly, with no desire to offend,

: Carol Lively


I have read The secret life of plants. I too thought it was well written
and could have had something to do with me going to Ag school. What did
you like the best about these books ?

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