Human/Plant Relationships

Peter Leroy peter at
Mon Jan 23 21:54:29 EST 1995

Carol M Lively (clively at wrote:
: Hope I'm not posting to the wrong group.  If this is a "serious, really
: and truly scientific kind of group, just tell me, and I will resume my
: lurking.  

Having spent the last 8 years of research into the world of plant EMF's I
can assure you that some do take the theory seriously.. well kinda :]

The books that you mention tend to be a little on the 'in-accurate' side of
things but they do provoke thought.

: Perhaps I'm a "lunatic on the fringe", but I really liked those books,
: and have always wanted to discuss them with someone, but have never met
: anyone else who has read them.

Work on the theory that it is possible to identify plants, pests and
diseases began to my knowledge some 60 years ago and from time to time I
have read articles from Kiev Uni and several other European schools which
lend themselves to support the theory.

Our work has led us to where we have observed a 'strange' relationship can
develop between particular plants and humans. It is not all that spectacular
but some plants emit higher emf strengths than others when in close
proximity to some individuals under various states of stress.

Our subject plant "Rodney Rubber Tree' (Ficus spp.) has a range of 3hz to
8hz.. depending on external influences etc. Our work is continuing and hope
to have a prototype sensing device within the next 12 months.

: Sincerly, with no desire to offend,

You will only offend those without thought :]

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