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Tue Jan 24 13:52:24 EST 1995

cheska at (KernsFunk) wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a solution to getting rid of the 
>blackberries that  are taking over my yard. I've tried 
>digging up the roots, but they always  seem to come 
>back. I'm looking for a chemical free solution!! 

If you have the patience to be persistent, keep cutting the 
suckers (in every sense of the word!) back to ground level.It 
may seem futile for a while, but these guys need to 
photosynthesize eventually, and by continually depriving the 
plants of their green leafy parts, the roots will eventually 
die and can be lifted out of the ground. I used this method to 
get rid of blackberries from places that would have been 
backbreaking to dig out, and you and I know how adept those 
roots are at moving from place to place. Good luck!

Chris Rolik
retro at  

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