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Harold Slater (hslater at wrote:
:  -=> Quoting Ylevy at to All <=-

:  Yl> Atriplex nummularia (Family: CHENOPODIACEAE).

:  Yl> Specifically, what is the common name of this plant, and/or WHAT IS IT
:  Yl> in non-botanical terms?  Any help even just on the family
:  Yl> CHENOPODIACEAE would be appreciated.

The common name for the genus Atriplex is  Saltbush, and a lot of the
species which occur in California tend to be found in coastal or alkaline

A. nummularia is native to Austraila but is naturalized in Calif. on sandy
coastal bluffs near Playa del Rey (according to Munz and Keck's California
Flora).  It is an erect shrub 2-3 meters tall, flowers December-June.

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