Commercial sources of bulk chitin and chitosan

Rick Davis rick at
Mon Jul 3 13:58:31 EST 1995

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(Richard Mayer ) wrote:

> INFO:  Need information on commercial sources of bulk chitin and
> chitosan in the USA.  Products should be available as a finely milled
> powder.  Also, I understand there is a users information group for
> chitin products and I would like to have the address for the group.
> Please reply to <rmayer at>
> Thanks for any assistance in advance.
> R. T. Mayer

   Is this Dick Mayer form USDA-Orlando?  One of the originators of
Clandosan who probably has access to bulk chitin is Rodrigo
Rodriguez-Kabana at Auburn (205) 844-4714.  Hope this helps.  Rick Davis

rick at

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