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>I see a nice tree in the country and would like to grow one in my
>backyard. HOW DO I PROCEED? What tools do I need to take a section off
>the tree I like? What exactly do I take? etc.

>I am a novice and would like some direction. I know how the human
>species replicates itself but plants? trees?

You might start by finding a tree identification book in your local library,
and figuring out what you're looking at.  

Then see if they are cheap at the local nursery.  

If not, then find out if they are the kind of tree that can be grafted easily
(some will "take", others will not "take" easily)

Then if it is a type that is easy to graft, go to the library again, and find
a book on grafting.  It's not really that hard, just a little difficult to
explain without a few drawings.  And I'm not real good at ascii drawings.  If
it can be grafted, you should be able to dig up a root, find a root shoot that
is about 1/4" in diameter, and graft a 1/4" dia scion (piece of the original
tree's branch) to it and have it take. Then come back in a year and transplant
it to your backyard.  Makes going to a nursery sound a lot more feasible,
doesn't it?  

Have fun, whichever path you choose. 



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