tomato genetic resources address

Scarlet Fire ez049097 at
Fri Jul 7 15:13:33 EST 1995

On 29 Jun 1995 UHBA023 at wrote:

> Hi netters, 
> Can anyone tell me an e-mail contact or a web site address of the tomato 
> genetics resource centre in the department of vegetable crops
> in UC Davis. Thanks
> Kevin Pyke, University of London.

	You're in luck, as I happen to be sitting in the Vegetable Crops 
Graduate Student Computer lab, about three doors down from the Tomato 
Genetics Resource Center.  You can contact Roger Chetelat at the 
following addresses:  trchetelat at or chetelat at
I don't believe there is a web-site, sorry.  

Good Luck, Jamie

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