Hibiscus Troubles

Laurie Burton jimb at Direct.CA
Fri Jul 7 17:47:24 EST 1995

Hi to all plant lovers:
	I don't frequent this newsgroup but I desperately need help with 
my hibiscus tree.  It has huge pink blooms and dark green leathery leaves
which are jagged-edged.  My problem is with it losing its leaves.  New 
foliage is coming but there are more and more yellow leaves.  I've been
told spider mites could be a possible cause so I've sprayed the tree with
safer soap.  The first treatment was on Wed and I gave it another dose on
Thurs amd I made sure front and back leaves were treated.  How fast does
this stuff work as I'm still seeing yellowing leaves?  Also I live in 
Vancouver, British Columbia and people say it is alright to take the tree
outdoors.  Is this alright too?
	I would appreciate any assistance and if possible a direct e-mail
to make sure I don't miss any replies.
				Thanking you in advance,

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