Deep rooting plants for slope protection in MONGOLIA

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Sat Jul 8 22:56:08 EST 1995

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> This is a request for information on deep rooting plants that
> may be used for low cost slope stabilisation techniques in
> Mongolia.
> I am involved in helping Mongolian engineers develop cost
> effective and affordable ways of maintaining their roads.
> If anyone can suggest information sources, or even species, I
> would be very grateful. The climate is cold and quite arid.

Lu Rongsen of Chengdu Academia Sinica gave a very interesting 
paper at the most recent Society for Economic Botany meeting at 
Cornell U in which he described Chinese work on developing 
Hippophae rhamnoides, the sea buckthorn.  Despite the name, this 
plant is well adapted for arid, elevated areas -- in fact, it will 
grow where nothing else will.  Dr Lu showed slides of steep loosely 
packed slopes being stabilized by the plant.   The Chinese have 
developed air seeding techniques also.  

The plant bears highly acidic berries which the Chinese are using 
for commercial drinks and wines, and from the seeds they are getting 
medicinal oils.  The berries are extremely rich in carotene and Vitamin 
C -- much higher than other usual sources.  A truly amazing plant.  

Conrad Richter

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