Listserv on Sexual Plant Reproduction

José A. Feijó Jose.Feijo at
Wed Jul 12 14:39:23 EST 1995

Invitation to join the Plant Reproduction listserv
Under supervision of the International Association of Sexual
Plant Reproduction Research (IASPRR) an Internet list service
is opened for scientists studying plant sexual reproduction of
higher plants.
With this list a communication by  E-mail is possible among all
subscribers of the list. Such list offers for example the
to exchange scientific
-knowledge, ideas
-information, questions
to announce
-congresses, books, courses
-jobs, projects
-information of the IASPRR, Journal Sexual Plant Reproduction

The list owner is the secretary of the IASPRR, there is no
archive of the messages.
This mail invites you to join the list.
In case you know other interested scientists, invite them to
subscribe also.

Subscription to PLANT-REPR list
Scientists with an e-mail number can send a message to:
listserv at

sub plant-repr "your name"

You will receive all messages of the list and you can answer or
give advice by sending an e-mail to the person who sent the

If you like to give a message to all connected scientists of the
list, add your message and send the mail to:
plant-repr at

To sign off from the list, send a message to:
listserv at
with the message: signoff plant-repr
followed by your first name, family name and further e-mail

Some remarks
Bear in mind that the list is an open communication system
between a high number of scientists.
Till 1 July the first scientist will be invited to join, so from
that date mailing to the list will be more efficient.

Questions about the list or the IASPRR can be sent to the
secretary: michiel.willemse at

Save this invitation to maintain this information.

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