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Is there any information in your databases on the biochemical structure or 
production of the pigments of plums,prunes, or any of the plum (prunus) family 
which includes: 
apricots,peaches,nectarines,cherries,almonds and  plums/prunes.
These can be anthocyanins,caroteniods (b-carotene),flavonoids.

The materials I am trying to capture would be related chemically to: 
phenolphthlein C [RN 79-09-8] / {RR-518-51-4 di-Na Salt]/phenolphthalein 
glucuride bisoxatin,3,3-BIS(4-hydroxyphenol),prunus genus contains caffeic 
acid and O-methyltransferas
has also been recovered or any of their hydrolysis/metabolite products. 
I have a procedure for using anthocyanins of fruits especially the plum (prunus) 
family as pH/color indicators. Does any one have any experience with this? 
(Ref-Rynearson,James. Curtright,Robert
-Analysis of plant pigments of chromatography.) 

Help, please, research project on phenolphthalein poisoning. Need info on false 
positive and false negative drug and food interactions on screening test of 
phenolphthalein with sodium hydroxide. I have done extensive searches on 
Medline,MELVYL at UCSF,GLADIS at UCB, LOIS at LANE(Stanford),and NML
I have the test procedure but not any info regarding known drugs or foods such 
as anthocyanin(fruits) that cause false positive or false negative test results. I am 
involved in a personal situation and any info or help would be greatly 
appreciated. I have a medical and chemical educational background and am not 
looking to tread on any one's research projects. I need the information strictly for 
personal use. Thank you again ahead of time. 

If you know or hear of anyone in the field,who might be knowledgeable 
in this area would you please,let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you again!
Patty Ames
 sean at

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