mRNA isolation

Steve Casper casper at
Thu Jul 13 13:52:43 EST 1995

In article <3u3rfk$ita at>, William Woei-Ping Chang
<wpchang at> wrote:

> Does anyone have a quantitative protocol on mRNA isolation using 
> very small amount (about 100mg) of plant  tissue?  Most commercial mRNA
> kits require relatively large amount of starting material.  Any suggestions
> would be greatly appreciated.  

Check out the paper "In situ isolation of mRNA from individual plant
cells: Creation of cell-specific cDNA libraries" by Erik Karrer, et al. 
Vol. 92, pp. 3814-3818, April 1995.  Although this describes a protocol
for single cell mRNA extraction, it can easily be scaled up to mg amounts
of plant tissue extract.  Besides, the method for using the oligo dT
linked magnetic beads is detailed and works quite well from what I gather.

Good Luck and happy grinding,


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