Are Morning Glories Toxic?

Tatsuya Okamoto tokamoto at
Thu Jul 13 04:44:17 EST 1995

In article <3tv1c1$pqt at>, chammie at says...
>I was wondering if morning glories (Ipomoea) are toxic...they are prolific
>in my yard and I was thinking of moving some into my reptile enclosure.
>The reptile in the cage is omnivorous and will snack on any plant in
>there...I presently have a hibiscus and pothos in there.  All the books I
>have read don't have the toxicity data on Ipomoea...Thanks!
>                                         Joe

Seeds of Ipomoea nil (=Pharbitis ni, morning glory) contain pharbitin (glycoside). 
 This substance cause diarrhea if one eat about 7 seeds (about 0.3 g) .
I have no information on the effects of pharbitin on reptile.
T. Okamoto

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