Variegation research

Sat Jul 15 18:27:26 EST 1995

wojcik at (wojcik) wrote:
>	Is anyone out there doing research as to the causes and/or factors
>influencing variegation in ornamental plants? I've been collecting many
>different varieties of these mutants and find them fascinating. I would like
>to study this phenomenon a little closer. Can anyone suggest the definitive
>book of variegation? Thanks much.
>- Al Wojcik
>  Allen Park, MI.


I would suggest that you go to a library and get the most recent copy of 
a Horticultural text on Plant Propagation. The variations you are 
interested in are also of interested to commercial nurserymen who make a 
living reproducing these variations. If you can not find anything in the 
library try the Michigan State University book store. I know they will 
have a text since they offer a course in plant propagation (I taught one 
at one point) in the Horticulture department. The text will have 
references and citations as well on this subject.  


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