How to take softwoodcuttings of elms?

Sat Jul 15 19:41:45 EST 1995

One of your best sources of practical propagation information  is a 
book called, "The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation - From seed 
to tissue culture" by Michael A. Dirr and Charles W. Heuser Jr. published 
by Varsity Press, Inc., P. O. box 6301, Athens, Georgia 30604. There is  
substantial detailed information in the book (too much to include 
here) but in general they state that the majority of Elms can be 
vegetatively propagated and root cuttings are useful. Soft shoot  
cuttings can be rooted under intermittant mist but you must be careful to 
insure that the cuttings do not dry out.  You may also want to check your 
library for the Procedings of the International Society of Plant 
Propagators.  This will be particulary useful if you want even 
more An Vanden Broeck <avdbroec at> wrote:
>I am interested in all kind of information about propagation of Elms by 
>softwoodcuttings.Can somebody give me information about climat 
>conditions, dimensions of the cuttings, succeeding percentage, ... Every 
>kind of information about determination of Elms  (Ulmus minor, U. laevis 
>and U. glabra) by different methods (morphological traits, isozymes, 
>flavanoid glycosides, RAPD's, ...) is also very welcome! 
>an.vandenbroeck at
specific infomation. If you need more information E Mail me. 

Ellieme at  Roy Mecklenburg 

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