How do plants know they are dead?

Wayne Scharf natron at
Sat Jul 15 18:58:37 EST 1995

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Chris Jones <mbzcaj at> wrote:
>          Just an odd query. When can you say that a plant is dead and at what 
>point does a plant realise? What I am getting at is that I am interested in 
>getting mRNA from plant tissue and when you use animal tissue as soon as the 
>animal or tissue is "dead" the mRNA begins to decay so you plunge the material 
>into lq N2 asap. Do I need to do that with plants (developing seeds actually)? 
>or am I OK untill a critical level of water/sugars etc.etc is reached. 
>Anything which would prevent me having to lug a tank of lqN2 into a field!
>Many Thanks....
>Chris Jones

Put the LN2 is a big thermos....lasts most of the day... use a vented 
stopper, of course...

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