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John Wilkinson JOHN11 at
Mon Jul 17 11:58:01 EST 1995

Dear Collegue
This is an announcement to tell you about a new World wide discussion
group/mailing list based in the UK on 'phytopharmacognosy.'

Membership is free and open to academics, industrialists and other suitably
qualified professionals who are involved in plant based natural products who
have an email address.

Discussions will be based around the botany and chemistry of medicinal and
economic plants, Ethnobotany, Secondary metabolites, traditional medicines,
voltile oils, tropical agriculture, academic and industrial problems,Herbalism,
Aromatherapy, ecological biochemistry, evolution and plant molecules, notices on
new conferences, specialist topic discussions and others related to these areas.
At present members are mainly natural product chemists, botanists,
phytochemists, pharmacognosists, biologists, chemical ecologists etc. The
purpose of this list is to encourage sharing of ideas and information within the
area of plant based natural products.

The list is primarily for experts in similar areas to share knowledge and as
such is not open to the general public. The reason for this is that their are a
number of mailing lists on the internet that deal with natural products which
are open to the general public already.. As such there is no point in repeating
these mailing lists in a group such as this. Also as an expert group we will be
able  to  move quickly into levels of 'in depth' discussion and not get bogged
down with more elementary questions, that other mailing groups could answer. 

To join the mailing list, send this command:

JOIN Phytopharmacognosy first name(s) Last name
substituting your real names for "first name(s) lastname"
as the sole text of your email message box (NOT in the subject box, which should
be left blank) to:
Mailbase at

I hope you will join, what I believe, will be an exciting, fast, effective
communication channel for
academics and industrialists working in the area of plant based natural products
from all over the world.
Best Wishes
Dr John Wilkinson List Owner of Phytopharmacognosy mailing/discussion group
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacognosy, Middlesex University,Enfield, Middlesex EN3

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