Sayed_Ali_Mohamad pbs-sm at
Mon Jul 17 03:33:03 EST 1995

Dear sir/madam

> We are working on a chloride grass to look at how is the salt effect.
> Our question is:
> 1) Early flowering grass has shown the least tolerance to saline environment 
> than that of late flowering . is there any scientefic reason for this 
> phenomenan whitin the recognised mecanism of salt tolerance?
> 2) Could it be suggested that it is due to competition within plant?if so 
> how can it be justified?
> 3) In the salt tolerant grass, leaf colour is significantly darker in the 
> saline environment compared to that of control. The leaf of control 
> plants have a significantly bigger size than that of the higher salt 
> environment. Is there any sound scientific explaination for this finding?
> We look forward to hearing a sound scientific explanation should the be 
> any. Thanking you in advance for any contribution pertaining questions 
> raised.
> Ali Maibody 

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