How were seedless oranges made?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at
Mon Jul 17 11:53:00 EST 1995

In Article <3u6ocd$501 at> "purves at (Bill Purves)" says:
> grown from seed except for one type, the navel orange.  This plant
> has apparently arisen only once in history.  Early in the nineteenth
> century, on a plantation on the Brazilian coast, one seed gave rise
> to one tree that had aberrant flowers.  Parts of the flowers aborted,
> and seedless fruits were formed.  Every navel orange in the world
> William K. Purves
> Bill_Purves at
I have a fuzzy recolection of a research project I did back in high school 
where I thaught I read that the naval orange was a radiation induced 
triploid.  Is Bill completely correct or did at least some of the modern 
naval oranges come from rad induced triploids?  I don't work on anything 
related to this anymore.  Thanks.
Leonard N. Blokserg
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