Palm tree info needed

J Fenix HRYU76B at
Wed Jul 19 19:00:05 EST 1995

I'm trying to determine what kind of palm I have.  It bears fruit (note 
date) that resemble small persimons or nectarines...reddish, orange about 
the size of a large marble. The fruit smells sweet. I've been told it may 
be a chestnut palm or a pinda (?) palm.  The fruit grows from spindly 
looking limb-like growths that grow from a pod.  The tree trunks are 
about  10-12' high,  about 2-3' thick. The fronds grow up and fan out and 
downward. Is the fruit edible? Can tree seedlings be grown from the fruit?
  Any help will be appreciated. 

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