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> I am getting married in three weeks, and because we can't do a tree planting,
> we were thinking about transplanting two complimentary plants into one pot as
> a part of the ceremony.  However, after checking with several botanical
> gardens and plant shops, I am not sure there is such a thing.  In the outdoors
> there are many  examples such as corn and beans producing more when they are
> planted together becasue the corn stalks give the beans something to climb and
> the beans give the corn nitrogen.  However, corn and beans would not last very
> long in my urban apartment.  At the very least, I am looking for two plants
> that won't kill each other in the long run when planted in one pot for the
> obvious symbolic reasons. Thanks
> -Jan Wiebe                        jwiebe1 at
Try Hawaiian scheffelaria and a rubber tree; I've had those in the same pot
for several years, grew fine.... until someone stole it off of my front porch.

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