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>> I am getting married in three weeks, and because we can't do a tree planting,
>> we were thinking about transplanting two complimentary plants into one pot as
>> a part of the ceremony.  However, after checking with several botanical
>> gardens and plant shops, I am not sure there is such a thing.  In the outdoors
>> there are many  examples such as corn and beans producing more when they are
>> planted together becasue the corn stalks give the beans something to climb and
>> the beans give the corn nitrogen.  However, corn and beans would not last very
>> long in my urban apartment.  At the very least, I am looking for two plants
>> that won't kill each other in the long run when planted in one pot for the
>> obvious symbolic reasons. Thanks
>> -Jan Wiebe                        jwiebe1 at

I would imagine a Kentia Palm with pothos as a ground cover would do 
nicely.  Try going to a local garden center and asking for help, they 
should have someone there that can help.  A good reference source for 
tropical plant cultural needs is Exotica or Tropica by A. B. Graf.  There 
is as section in the back of these books lists light, water, temperature, 
and soil requirements for all of the plants listed in them.

Good luck with your marriage and your plants.

Chazz Hesselein
Extension Horticulturist, ACES 

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