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Black Thumb needs help with Venus Fly Trap. Anyone know 'bout this plant?

Galenelf mikek.syspak.com
Wed Jul 26 12:12:30 EST 1995

 Hiya, all.  I'm not much at plant controll.. --the gravel around 
my house is growing weeds nicely though.. --but I just got a 
Venus flytrap, as a pet. (^_^ --present. ^_^)

  I know not to feed it often--the box says 'bout a pinhead size 
piece of meat every two weeks or so is fine..

  --I know to keep the dirt moist.. --it's a bog plant..

--other than that, I'm rather mystified.. --They grow in North 
Carolina and northern south carolina, see, and I grow in Arizona, 
at present. ^_^  --the queries I have have to do with Lighting 
and temperature.

 First, does it need direct light?  Or can Indirect light work? 
-- If it's a Bog plant, I don't think that means it's used to 
having a lot of trees shading it--so direct light is my guess as 
to what it needs--but in Arizona, direct light would bake it.. 

--and that brings us to the second question..

  The box says the best temperature for this plant is 60 degrees. 
--I'm assuming Farenheit. --but if this is a Bog plant, it can't 
be growing in the Mountains of Carolina--so where does it get 
this cold?  --our house is kept conditioned at 80 degrees, which 
is the best I can do--keeping the guy near the floor so he'll be 
cool--but if it needs direct light...

Well, in reality, all I can ask for is some experienced advice.. 
--Alas, I must impose on whomever decides to be my benefactor 
also. :/ ^_^ --I don't read newsgroups much at all--I just don't 
have the time (Recall those weeds that are growing so well? ^_^;) 
--if you reply, could you please Email me as well?

I thank you all heartily for your time.
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