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Sayed_Ali_Mohamad pbs-sm at
Wed Jul 26 19:39:28 EST 1995

Subject: question 

We are working on a chloride grass to look at how is the salt effect.
Our question is:
1) Early flowering grass has shown the least tolerance to saline environment 
than that of late flowering . is there any scientefic reason for this 
phenomenan whitin the recognised mecanism of salt tolerance?

2) Could it be suggested that it is due to competition within plant?if so 
how can it be justified?

3) In the salt tolerant grass, leaf colour is significantly darker in the 
saline environment compared to that of control. The leaf of control 
plants have a significantly bigger size than that of the higher salt 
environment. Is there any sound scientific explaination for this finding?

4) How can partitioned the effect of water stress due to salinity from 
its toxicity in developing spikes. 

We look forward to hearing a sound scientific explanation should the be 
any. Thanking you in advance for any contribution pertaining questions 

Ali Maibody 

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