Water Chestnut plant

Fred Ryan fjryan at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jul 27 11:29:38 EST 1995

In article <3ujrdl$u8j at nntpd.lkg.dec.com>, darcy at ives.amt.tay1.dec.com
(George Darcy) wrote:

> Can someone tell me about the Water Chestnut plant?
> Our local pond is infested with Water Chestnuts.
> I live in Waltham, Massachusetts.
> I looked in my plant book and couldn't find it listed.
> Is it known by some other name? What is the Latin
> name for it? And where is it from?
There are several plants called water chestnut; the edible one is
Eleocharis edulis as noted by T. Gray. The one with the beastly spines on
the fruit is Trapa natans. This has been introduced in a number of places
in eastern North America. One of its synonyms is Jesuit nut, which might
indicate that the French brought it with them from Europe.

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