Toxicity Testing in Plants

Mary Elyse Lucero malucero at
Wed Jul 26 22:24:16 EST 1995

	Thanks for the tips.  I have also been using FDA staining, and 
yes, it does do a good job as far as identifying viable vs. inviable 
cells.  I have also tried bromophenol blue staining, but FDA gives more  
consistant results.
	Your observation about round cells is interesting.  In general, my
cells (Datura innoxia) are round, but I may see more round cells after
treatment too, I'll have to pay more attention.
	Do you notice a tendency for cells in suspension to aggregate more
when treated with toxins?  How about changes in cell size? Mine tend to 
swell up at sub-lethal doses.

Mary Lucero
Graduate Student
Molecular Biology & Environmental Toxicology

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