african violets

Gary Poyssick Courseware at
Sat Jun 3 07:04:14 EST 1995

Needs lots of light -- not direct sunlight, but lots of light. Also can 
probably use a re-potting. Buy a small bag of potting soil specifically 
formulated for African violets. Also buy a small amount of AV food (also 
specific). Repot, move to a bright location, increase the air movement, 
and feed. It will respond. Many people say not to water the leaves 
because this causes spotting, but considering that these are jungle 
plants, I think that in nature the rain falls from the sky, not the 
dirt. You might consider watering the plant by placing it in a pan with 
food-enriched water.

Keep the plant moist -- never let it dry out -- but don't keep it wet. 
the best analogy is a sponge. If it's dry, it's dry. If it's too wet, 
you could squeeze water out of it. If it's damp, you can squeeze and 
feel the water, but only get a drop or two to come out. That's how the 
soil should be kept. -g

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