Calif "moss rock" moss

Centauri7 centauri7 at
Mon Jun 5 19:45:41 EST 1995

    I have what is termed here (California)  as a "moss rock". This is a
rock taken from the Sierra
 Nevada mountains and sold at local nurserys that looks mostly like any
other rock except that it
 has "blotches" of either moss or likchen (spelling?) on part of its
   I water it once a day to keep the "moss" alive.  It greens up nicely,
but over the last few weeks
the "blotches" have been dimishing.
   My real question is this:  Is there a book or other info which explains
fully the optimal conditions
is which moss will thrive?  Our yard is full shade except for 1 hour a
day, and we water at least
2 to 3 times week.  We really want to encourage moss in the yard as we
a "Japenese Garden" feel to the environment.

  Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

    +  Centauri

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