one-year teaching/research postdoc

jim coleman jcoleman at MAILBOX.SYR.EDU
Wed Jun 7 08:51:33 EST 1995

I am looking for a postdoc or ABD to teach an undergraduate course in plant
physiology this coming fall (without a lab), and then to
conduct research in my lab in the Spring and Summer.  In terms of teaching
expertise, we need someone who speaks English very clearly, and is truly
believes in high quality undergraduate education.  The plant physiology
course in the past has been taught from a whole-plant/physiological ecology
 perspective, but more phsyiological or molecular perspective would also be
fine.  With regard to research, the exact things going on in our lab can be
found on the web (  A person with
a sound knowledge of photosynthesis; experience in pulse-chase experiments;
or experience running protein gels would be ideal.  The pay for this
position will be in the very low 20s (I wish it could be more..).

this position has not yet been officially approved, but if you are
interested then please let me know as having a good person who is
interested will help move the approval process along.  More information can
be obtained by email: jcoleman at or by phone: (315) 443-3748.

Jim Coleman
Associate Professor of Biology
Syracuse University

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