what seeds first look like--education project

laura van dam lvandam at mit.edu
Wed Jun 7 11:59:26 EST 1995

I am a parent volunteer in Massachusetts teaching five- and six-year-olds
in my son's kindergarten class about how to research on their own. As
part of the project, for which the kids have come up with questions
they'd like to answer,  I am showing them a little about how newsgroups
work on the Internet. The kids are quite excited about the idea of
connecting with others who may know some of their answers, or may be able
to tell them how to find out. If anyone can spare the time and has
information about the following question, I'd be very grateful for your
help. In particular, one child--Sasa--would like to know "what tree seeds
look like at first," that is, what seeds look like at a very early stage.
I realize that there are probably differences early on, depending on the
species; any elucidation you can give on this topic will really help, and
give Sasa a sense of how exciting it is to learn on his own.  Thank you
very much for any responses you can give. Please send mail to
lvandam at mit.edu. Laura

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