early flowering

Andrew Davis adavis at sydney.DIALix.oz.au
Thu Jun 8 06:48:19 EST 1995

I am not sure whether this is the right place to post this query, but if 
not please dont flame me I didn't know! :)

Presumably, there is some chemical which is released in plants which gets 
them to flower (I don't know a lot about biology), and so presumably, 
just like hormones in veal based baby food can cause premature 
development of sexual organs in humans, there is something which I could 
feed a plant in order to make it show sex when it is too young to 
ordinarily do so. 
I have read a study which says that for some plants (e.g. hemp) can be 
made to show sex at a young age if the lighting conditions are a 
adjusted, and temperature and other conditions are "faked" to "trick" the 
plant into flowering early. I am wondering if there is something which 
could be fed to a plant which is not grown under lab conditions to make 
it flower prematurely. The implications of such technology could be very 
cool indeed. Does anyone know anything about this? 
Andrew Davis
adavis at dialix.com.au

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