Interested in a PHYTOPATHOLOGY group?

Joerg Langen J.Langen at MAILBOX.UQ.OZ.AU
Thu Jun 8 18:23:58 EST 1995

On Thu, 8 Jun 1995 nhpfkras at wrote:

> Hello,
> are you interested in PHYTOPATHOLOGY?

Hi Thorsten,
find ich gut ( sorry das ich in Deutsch schreibe, aber ads macht es 
easier) Ich sitze zwar im moment in OzzyLand, aber schon zuhause ( 
FH-Osnabrueck, FB Gartenbau, vertiefung u.a. Phyto ) hab ich mir schon 
soetwas gewuenscht. Waere also voll dafuer!

> If so, is there already a usenet news group
> exsisting, which covers this field? If so, then
> please contact me by e-mail. Thanks

Nicht das ich wuesste?

> In my opinion this (new) group should cover all
> aspects of phytopathology: 
> diseases caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses,
> pests caused by insects,
> host-parasite-interactions, pest management,
> integrated crop protection and production,
> biological control,genetics of plant-microbe-
> interactions, ecological aspects, molecular
> biology of diseases and resistance, detection of
> pathogens by modern means, resistance
> mechanisms, acquired resistance in plants, yield
> losses due to diseases and pests, transgenic
> plants, plant health....
> And many more topics. This enumaraion of topics
> is NOT complete, other topics (not mentioned
> above) should be included.

Jep, sound good!

> It should be a group open to all questions and
> discussions in phytoptahology.
> So, what is your opinion?
> If you think, that such a group should exsist in
> the future then contact me by e-mail or send a
> reply. I am looking forward to and will collect
> all comments, remarks, hints, and questions.
> If many of you are interested, then I will try
> to create such a group. In this case I will
> inform you in time.

Nun ich hoffe das in naher Zukunft eine Positive Meldung "Replyed"


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