Please help 7th Grade class answer questions

George Chan ez028522 at
Fri Jun 9 17:38:38 EST 1995

Dear bionet.plants,

I am doing an outreach program with a seventh grade class in Citrus 
Heights.  The students have several questions about plant biology, and I 
was wondering if the scientific community could help us answer these 

1.  Can you make a plant have animal genes?

2.  How does a seed know to grow upwards?

3.  Why do plants have to be green?  why not blue?

4.  How is a seed made?  Who gets to name it?

and another question not related to plants..

5.  Can there be a real Jurassic Park?

The 7th graders would love to hear that their questions have been 
answered by scientists all over the world.  Please help us.  Thank you 
for your time and efforts.

George C.

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