early flowering

Gary Poyssick Courseware at interramp.com
Fri Jun 9 17:12:02 EST 1995

You can force certain herbaceous plants (such as cannabis if that
s what you're into) to show early -- all varieties will flower as a 
cutting if the light cycle is turned down to 12 hours on and 12 off 
(complete darkness) but doing so SERIOUSLY weakens the plant -- it will 
NEVER grow as good as it would have one you turn the lights back to 24 
or 18 hours following the forcing.

If you're good, you can tell by looking, by the way. You can disect the 
base of a stem portion and examine the tissue under a good stereo 
microscope. If you find a pair of balls in there, it's a male. If you 
find stringy tissue, it's a girl.

Be careful about growing anything indoors - it's clearly illegal to grow 
"hemp" as you call it -- unless you own nothing -- no properties, 
stereos, cars, houses, boats, etc -- you should never consider growing. 
Confiscation of personal property has become an art form for the police. 
Be careful of men in black serving warrants after 1:00am.

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