origin of plants/seeds

Gordon T. Uber guber at netcom.com
Sat Jun 10 23:26:19 EST 1995


My favorite story about seeds is "How Flowers Changed the World," a chapter
in Lauren Eiseley's _The Immense Journey_, Vintage Books, 1957.  If you
like to tell stories you may be able to relate parts of it to Ian, even
though it was written for adults.  A few excerpts:

"Plants traveled as they had never traveled before."  The well-fed,
carefully cherished embryos raised their heads everywhere."  "These
fantastic little seeds skipping and hopping and flying about the woods
and valleys brought with them  an amazing adaptibility."  "Grass was
beginning to cover the bare earth."  "... mammoths, horses and bisons
appeared."   In about fifteen pages a quick story of the co-evolution
of plants and animals.

Best wishes,

Gordon Uber
Palo Alto, CA

laura van dam (lvandam at mit.edu) wrote:
: I am a parent volunteer in Massachusetts teaching five- and six-year-olds
: in my son's kindergarten class about how to research on their own. As
: part of the project, for which the kids have come up with questions
: they'd like to answer,  I am showing them a little about how newsgroups
: work on the Internet. The kids are quite excited about the idea of
: connecting with others who may know some of their answers, or may be able
: to tell them how to find out. If anyone can spare the time and has
: information about the following question, I'd be very grateful for your
: help. In particular, one child--Ian--would like to find out "how the
: first seed was made," that is, what is know about the direct origin of
: plants. Thank you very much for any responses you can give. Laura

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