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ecochad at aol.com (Eco Chad) wrote:

>I am interested in plants of the ancient fern ally genus Equisetium
>(commonly called Horsetails).  I have found it difficult to get any ...
>P.S.  I am especially interested in Equisetium diffusum and I would like
>to know what its native range is and how I might obtain and culture it.

To my knowledge the latest monograph of the genus Equisetum is by 
Richard L. Hauke (University of Rhode Island), distripution maps 

[1] Equisetum Subgenus Hippochaete
    Beih. Nova Hedwigia 8. (1961)
[2] Equisetum Subgenus Equisetum
    Nova Hedwigia 30 (1978)

According to [2] the distribution of Equisetum diffusum is:
Himalaya mountains from Simla (India) to Tibet, Sikkim, Burma,
Assam, Bhutan, Nepal, and adjacent China. 450 to 3500 msm.

I have nearly all european species in culture, both in garden and 
potted. With the exception of E. telmateia and E. sylvaticum which 
have not been held in culture, they are quite easy to grow from short
rhizomes or even of the stems. I have some plants which I grew from 
rhizomes I got via airmail from USA and Canada. On the other hand it 
is not so easy to get plants from the spores.

BTW the spelling is Equisetum not Equisetium (important for a search
in WWWW)

I am also very interested in this group, especially in the species of 
the neotropis. If you get more information please drop me a line.

by, Michael.

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