medicinal purposes of VFT and tissue culture

Dio Lazo bonito at
Sun Jun 11 01:49:49 EST 1995

In the info on Venus Flytraps that I received with my plant, it says:
"The plants[VFT]  are rapidly becoming depleted by people who collect the
bubs for horticultural and/or medicinal purposes. The plant you have is
different in that it is propagated in the nursery through tissue
culture, thus helping to preserve the naticve population"

What kind of medicinal purposes does  a VFT have?
What do they mean by tissue culture?
Does anyone know if you can change the genetic structure of a VFT
so that it is more "voracious".  I recently saw a program where they
added a pair of legs onto a fly's eye! becuase the isolated the
leg genes and stuck it into the eye gene!

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