Control of Arable Weed Using a Fungus (fwd)

Meindert de Jong [^_^] tpejong at
Wed Jun 14 04:13:28 EST 1995

Greetings. I just received the PhD Thesis from Corne Kempenaar
to be defended on June 26 at Wageningen Agricultural University,
The Netherlands. The Thesis is entitled:
   Studies on biological control of 
Chenopodium album by Ascochyta caulina.

Studies were carried out to assess the perspectives of the plant
pathogenic fungus Ascochyta caulina as a mycoherbicide against
Chenopodium album, world-wide a weed in arable crops. [...]
It was concluded that the fungus has a good potential to be
further developed into a mycoherbicide against the weed.
And... the research has been leading to a testing agreement with
AB-DLO (Dutch agricultural research institute) and Ciba-Geigy
(multinational in Switzerland). Besides a request for a patent has
been submitted.
Address: Dr. Corne Kempenaar, AB-DLO, POB 14, 6700 AA Wageningen, 
         The Netherlands   <C.Kempenaar at>

See you on June 26, Meindert de Jong <TPEjong at>

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