Tree orientation?

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Tue Jun 13 18:40:42 EST 1995

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>It is generally thought that tree produce more roots on the north side due 
>to higher soil moisture contents there.  The leaves shade soil on north 
>side keeping moisture content higher there. Soil moisture content is often 
>the limiting factor for tree growth.  With ample available water on the 
>north side roots put on more growth than on the south side which dries out 
>more quickly during dry spells.  I suppose south of the equator this 
>phenomenon would be reversed.  Any observations from down under?

I'm from down under and as far as I know trees in Oz are not marked to
indicate north or south (maybe in NZ?).

Recently there has been some discussion among growers of advanced landscape
trees about the possible benefits of maintaining tree orientation at all
stages of growth ... hence my original question.

If you know of any studies I would appreciate the references ...


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