Hawaiian Wood Rose ????

John E. Davis jed at Ra.MsState.Edu
Tue Jun 13 18:57:38 EST 1995

	As I remember growing the plant some 20 years ago while teaching at a 
local junior college, it did form a vine.  The plant is in the 
Convolvulaceae family.  It is Ipomoea tuberosa.  Ipomoea, if you remember, 
is the genus for sweet potato and morning glory.	
	It is also called Ceylon Morning glory.  It is a perennial viner 
with 8 inch long leaves that are digitately parted into 5-7 narrow lobes.  
That's the only resemblance it may have to cannabis.  I personally think 
it is very dissimilar to the hemp plant.
	My vine eventually formed yellow, funnel shaped flowers that 
formed a globular pods.  When the pods ripened, they opened and with the 
persistent large, rounded leathery sepals for the wooden rose about 3 
inches across.  I understand this plant or at least its dried flowers are 
used a good bit in Hawaii for decorations.

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On Tue, 13 Jun 1995 topjimmy at ix.netcom.com wrote:

> I am experiencing some problems with my Hawaiian wood rose.  The
> instruction said that it would grow about 4 a day and it has.  The
> problem is that the plant is falling over.  It seems to poses some
> climbing features, but I have been told it is not a climbing plant.
> Please inform me of any information about the growth of this plant.
> Also, is it just me, or does this plants leaves look similar to that
> of cannabis?
> Please E-mail or post,
> Thanks..

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