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Thu Jun 15 14:07:34 EST 1995


A position is available for one post-doctoral researcher to study the 
molecular biology of fusiform rust of Southern pines.  Fusiform rust is 
the most costly tree disease in the Southeastern U.S. and is 
characterized by the formation of galls on loblolly and slash pines.  The 
fungus that causes this disease, Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme, 
has a complex and fascinating life cycle during which it produces five 
different types of spores and alternates between its two hosts, pine and 
oak.  The individual hired for this position will use the technique of 
differential display to identify pine genes induced during early stages of 
infection and gall formation.  The University of Georgia provides an 
excellent environment for work in this area as it has strong research 
programs in mycology, genetics, plant sciences and forest resources.  

Current funding is guaranteed for one year and is expected to be 
renewed, provided good progress is made.  The salary is $24,000 per 
year.  Funding for this position will begin July 1, 1995, thus rapid 
applications are encouraged.  

Applicants must have a strong molecular biology background (e.g. 
RNA extraction, PAGE, and PCR) and preferrably also have studied 
plants and/or their pathogens.  If you are potentially interested and 
qualified for such a position, please send a curriculum vitae and 
names, addresses, and phone numbers for three references to 

Dr. Sarah F. Covert 				
Warnell School of Forest Resources 		phone: 706-542-1205
University of Georgia				fax: 706-542-8356
Athens, GA 30602-2152 				


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