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> Might someone provide an opinion on the comparison of Willis Linn Jepson's
> "The Jepson Manual:  Higher plants of California" (Berkeley: Univ. of 
> California Press, 1993) and Philip A. Munz's "A California Flora"  (Date
> unknown)?
> Both appear to be comprehensive treatments of native California flora.
> What are the differences and strong points of each?
> Thanks very much in advance.
> George Goldsmith


I have never read either of these books, so can't make any
recomendations.  However, our database shows the following:

Reviews of The Jepson Manual

Editors' book notes : The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California.
Appears in 'Orion 1994, v. 13n2, Spring  p. 63 IORN 1058-3130
UMI # per01955971

Botany : the Jepson Manual: Higher plants of California
Appears in: Choice  1993 v31n2, Oct.  p. 316  PCHO 0009-4978
UMI #per01717491

California Flora : The Jepson Manual:
Appears in: Science  1993, v262n5131, Oct 8, p. 261
GSCI 0036-8075
UMI # per01726692

I could not find any book reviews of 'A California Flora' by 
Philip Munz, which was not suprising, as the book appears to have
been written in 1968, with a reprint in 1973.  I also found that
he wrote several other books specific to California.  Here is
what I have on Philip Munz.  You should be able to order
any of these at your local library through the inter-library
loan system, by using the OCLC or LCCN numbers. I am not sure
what the ALT number is for, but have included it anyway.

A California flora
OCLC # 838992
ALT # 1531300

California mountain wildflowers.
OCLC # 744774
LCCN # 63012541
ALT # 0391335

California desert wildflowers.
OCLC # 523492
LCCN 62008626 /L/r912
ALT # 0391333

A manual of Southern California botany.
OCLC # 2490070
LCCN 35006405
ALT # 0391337

Shore wildflowers of California, Oregon and Washington.
OCLC # 1562440
LCCN 64022585
ALT # 0391299

Hope this is of some help.  Regards.

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