Hottentot fig?

anja henseler st875388 at
Sat Jun 17 07:36:27 EST 1995

Yes indeed !

it is the same plant. I just found an article in the library of the Leiden herbarium about the 
carpobrotus edulis in California. " Root profiles and competition between the invasive exotic 
perennial carpobrotus edulis, and two native shrub species in california coastal shrub", by 
Carla M. D'Antonio and Bruce E. Mahall. 

The plant is also introduced in Portugal to control the dunes. What we saw happening their was 
that a lot of other species were overgrown by the Hottentot Fig. Thymus, for example, was 
completely overgrown by Carpobrotus. Stauracanthus, which has a lot of spines, seems not to 
suffer from the Carpobrotus-attacks. Stauracanthus strikes back!

How is that in California ? Are other plant species overgrown by the Carpobrotus?

Thanks for the information!


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